Oxygen 8 Fat Loss System

Try Oxygen 8 Fat Loss System, Risk Free!

Results vary. Scroll down for typical results.

System Includes:

  • Seven 8-minute workouts: a fresh workout for every day of the week. Each an intense total body workout that's easy to do.
  • Getting Started video where Greer walks you step by step teaching the secrets of her specialized breathing and slow motion muscle against muscle exercises.
  • High Volume Eating Program where you'll learn how to eat more volume, enjoy your favorite foods, control your calories and still lose weight and size.
  • Success Book, Success Tracking Chart, Tape Measure and Lung Fitness Tester so you can track your success and see for yourself the amazing inch loss.
  • Three bonus 8-minute workouts including Upper Body, Lower Body and All About Abs.
  • Greer's Essential Boost Fat Burning nutritional supplement. A 30-day supply along with our convenient continuity program.
  • Free access to Greer's Oxygen 8 New Members website which includes additional High Volume Eating Secrets and Greer's Tips for success.

Results vary. Scroll down for typical results.